ZRA Tracks Down K2.1m Horses

TH E Z a m b i a Revenue Authority (ZRA) has seized four trucks worth K 2 . 1 m i l l i o n imported using a forged value added tax (VAT) deferment facility at Nakonde border post. ZRA commissioner of customs services Sydney Chibbabbuka said the interceptions in Nakonde are some of the clampdown activities made by the authority in its quest to bring sanity. Mr Chibbabbuka also said more than K3 million worth of assorted goods were seized at the border this month.

Speaking when ZRA and Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance collaboration in the sharing of information, Mr Chibbabbuka said the partnership will result in effective monitoring of goods from the port of Dar re Salaam to Nakonde/Tunduma OneStop Border Post (OSBP), thus mitigating smuggling. The MoU will help create a f r a m e w o r k f o r m u t u a l understanding that will enable the two authorities to enhance best practices, conduct joint patrols, improve and build capacity between the two countries.

“This will effectively reduce risks related to smuggling as data will be shared with ZRA from the source, which is the port in Dar es Salaam. For instance, at Nakonde border, we had several interceptions that include four truck horses that we seized for abuse of Tax Identification Number [TPIN]…,” Mr Chibbabbuka said. And ZRA commissionergeneral Kingsley Chanda said some objectives designed to facilitate trade through the two border posts have become a reality.

Mr Chanda said Zambia and Tanzania have committed to sign the MoU to ensure that the cooperation and exchange of information is done legally and formally. “It is not just talking and meetings, it is about action that will help out importers, exporters, drivers and ultimately the people of the two countries. The two countries are implementing measures to enhance revenue collection and trade facilitation,” he said. TRA commissioner general Edwin Mhede is sure the MoU will help harness trade relations and movement of goods between the two countries.

Last year, delegations from TRA and ZRA met in Tunduma to put in place measures critical to addressing the various challenges that are negatively impacting on revenue collection and smooth flow of traffic between the borders. Some of the vices noted include inadequate parking space for trucks at Nakonde customs, exchange of data coming from the port in Tanzania to Zambia, one entry and exit gate on the Zambian side and non-operation of the OSBP. “We are here following the deliberations that we had on November 13, 2019. We made several resolutions that will enable us to implement these deliberations. I am happy that we are walking the talk,” Dr Mhede CHANDA said.