PF Is Finished In Lusaka-Mulambo Haimbe…As More PF Members Defect To The UPND In Lusaka Central


Namwinga with Counsel Haimbe right

United Party for National Development (UPND) Lusaka Central Constituency Aspiring Candidate Mulambo Haimbe says Zambians will not spare the Electoral Commission of Zambia should they condone lawlessness in the forth-coming by-election in Chilubi or in the 2021 polls.
And Former Patriotic Front(PF) Lusaka Central Constituency Lubwa Ward Chairlady, Mazeli Salifyanji Namwinga has branded the Patriotic Front(PF) as a sinking Titanic, charging that she has decided to throw her weight on Mr Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND because of the miseries the Zambian people are going through under the current regime.
She has since urged Zambians to vote for economist Hakainde Hichilema in the forth-coming General Elections, saying he is the only leader capable of reviving the limping Zambian economy.
Speaking when the UPND received hundreds of Patriotic Front(PF) defectors in Lusaka Central Constituency, Mr Haimbe said ECZ must be professional and stop treating people who are abusing the electoral laws with kids gloves.
He said posterity will judge the Zambian election body harshly if it does not use the powers provided for it in the electoral process Act wisely and let the right  candidate win in the Chilubi By-Elections.
Mr Mulambo, a legal counsel of high caliber said failure by the ECZ to use its electoral powers wisely might plunge the country into total chaos as it is its responsibility to ensure that free and fair elections reign in every election.
“…You were told that there was restriction on movement from the main land to the highland but you did nothing about it. You know that there are people who are sponsoring political violence…you know that there is a guy called Chanda Nyele  ( who appeared) on the National Television and various blogs (on social media) speaking tribal language, he was talking fictional things but you did nothing about it. Why should you(ECZ) let the situation degrade to that?” Mr Haimbe asked.
And Mr Haimbe said it is in black and white that the PF is a shell of its former self in Lusaka and other parts of the country.
He said every Zambian knows that there is nothing left in the PF.
“This is the only time for Zambians to move to the only party that is viable in this country. We can’t even talk about other political parties because it is a waste of time. The only party that is viable and has a interest of Zambia at heart is the UPND. The only President that is viable for this country is Hakainde Hichilema and everyone else, kuwayawayafye,” Mr Haimbe said.
And Ms Namwinga said she  in and others in Lubwa Ward decided to dump the ruling PF because it is no longer attractive to the Zambian voters.
She said it is time Zambians gave Mr Hichilema chance to rule the country if they want to be liberated from the yokes of poverty, inflicted on them by the ruling party.
Ms Namwinga said Zambians are annoyed with the PF for failure to honour its attractive 2011 campaign promises.
“I have come with my people from Lubwa Ward in Nyumba Yanga residential area. We have abandoned the ruling PF and joined the party of choice, the UPND. Things have turned from bad to worse in this country. People are suffering so I have refused to be part of the party that is inflicting pain on my beloved Zambians. I fear if I remain in the PF, God will punish me for something that is simple and straight forward. Even Seer1 (Nigeria Prophet who claimed that he gave PF Ministers, MPs and Mayors powers to win the 2016 elections) said that Zambians have suffered a lot… are you listening? No one has told me or bought me off. It is the suffering of the Zambian people that have made me to dump the PF for the UPND.” Ms Namwinga said.
She said it will be an insult to the Zambian people if she went on the platform to campaign for the PF in the forth-coming elections.
Ms Namwinga said she is neither ashamed nor afraid to join the UPND and support Mr Hichilema in the 2021 elections.
“Look at the teachers who finished their studies, do they have jobs, nurses who finished their schools, do they have jobs? Look at how people in Bauleni Township are suffering, they are waking up as early as 04:00 hours queuing for water. So, I feel very ashamed having campaigned and voted for the PF in the last elections,” she said.
She argued that the tribalism tag condemned on the UPND and Mr Hichilema in particular are neither here nor there.
“They say there is tribalism in the UPND but what are they talking about? For example, I am Namwanga. Okay, who is bad here? Is it not those people who do not appreciate those who worked for them who are in actual sense bad? Today, how much are we buying meal-meal for example,” Ms Namwinga asked as the crowd responded in a loud voice “K150” amidst ululations.
Present at the same occasion was William Banda, who said the PF’s days in power are numbered hence it’s resort to use violence in the on-going Chilubi by-election campaign.
He, however, warned that the UPND will not remain idle and let its member being attacked by PF thugs.