Tayali, Malembe, Others To Face The Law- Mulambo Haimbe

United Party  for National Development (UPND) Lusaka Constituency Aspiring Candidate and Prominent Lawyer Mulambo Haimbe says everyone in the habit of peddling unsubstantiated lies against the largest opposition political and it’s leader Hakainde Hichilema will face the wrath of the law.

And UPND Member of the National Management Committee(NMC) William Banda says it is unfortunate that PF cadre Kings Malembe dragged the UPND in the political mud, following his allegations that Seer1 is being sponsored by the UPND to scandalise the ruling party.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Haimbe said the long arm of the law will in the next few days visit those in a habit of turnishing the good name of the UPND.

The Lawyer of 18 years experience said those making defamatory statements against the UPND and Mr Hichilema should know that enough is enough, promising that the long arm of the law will visit them.

“Those making inflammatory statements, they are saying things which are defamatory, they are say things which are clearly not true for political expediency, we are coming for you. We are good and equipped. We are coming for you and that is for sure. Watch this space Zambia, there will be people going to court in the next few days. You know, when you are in court, you face the law alone, there are no supporters. When You made those false allegations, you thought you were a star because you were on the stage but when you go to court, you go there alone. The long arm of the law will visit you. We have capacity” Mr Haimbe warned.

He said it is about time some Zambians became sensible rather than peddling lies and accusing innocent people falsely.

” Anybody who makes an allegation of facts… let has be clear here…when you accuse someone, you must prove it. The law demands that he who alleges let them
prove,” he cautioned.

Mr Haimbe regretted that a number of people have made false allegations agains the UPND.

“He has made those allegation without proof whatsoever…those allegations are coming from his thinking and he is the one that is alarming the nation by lieing against the next Government that is coming into power…to derail… trying to take away people’s thinking from real things we should be talking about such meali-meal prices,” Mr Haimbe said.

Asked whether he was referring to Malembe who said that Seer1 is working with the UPND, Mr Haimbe said his statement is for anyone who has been overzealous and peddling lies against the largest opposition.

“I am not mentioning any particular individual but I am saying that everybody and I am using this word bodily. They are several of them…some on their Facebook pages have made allegations about the parantage of their colleagues. They said the same thing when it came to UNZA riots. They were pleading to us to forgive them when they were taken to court and now they want to be stars today.We are coming for you, regardless whether you are Kings Malembe, whoever has said lies, we are coming for you, that is a promise. You will dance to the tune of law,” Mr Haimbe warned.

2 Responses to "Tayali, Malembe, Others To Face The Law- Mulambo Haimbe"

  1. Magaba   February 3, 2020 at 1:35 pm

    This is exactly what your party does and now you have tested it.

  2. samlindo   February 4, 2020 at 8:31 am