Facebook Post Costs Hubby

A WOMAN of Lusaka’s Chaisa Township had a shock of her life when she discovered on Facebook that her husband had two children outside marriage. Masialeti Maimbolwa, 35, told the Matero local court that one day she came across a posting her husband, Munalula Kabongo, made on Facebook showing him and a child and when she inquired, her husband claimed it was his friend’s child. She was testifying in a matter in which she sued Kabongo, 36, for divorce.

She told the court that he only admitted it was his child when they had a quarrel over the matter. She charged that her husband has neglected his family saying he supports his girlfriend and the children. Maimbolwa said Kabongo only gives her K600 for rentals when he gets paid while he pays rent and buys food for his girlfriend. “Kabongo has never bought me even a chitenge from the time we got married. I have to struggle as though I am not married,” she said.

Maimbolwa told the court that she loves her husband but she wants him to change and become responsible. Kabongo admitted having two children with another woman saying he did not want to tell his wife because he did not want to offend her. “It is true I lied that the child belongs to my friend, I knew that my wife would get upset once she found out the truth,” he said.

Kabongo told the court that he rarely finds his wife at home when he knocks off from work. He accused Maimbolwa of keeping with bad company, which he believes has negatively influenced her. “I have chased her three times because she does not listen to my advice, I have been struggling to provide food and other necessities because I depend on piece work for survival,” Kabongo said. The court adjourned the matter to February 7 for judgement.