Police Arrest Pastor Over ‘Resurrection’ of Woman

Police Arrest Pastor  Over ‘Resurrection’ of Woman

THERE was commotion in Kafue on Sunday afternoon after word went round that a self-acclaimed prophet claimed that he resurrected a woman in her 30s from the dead. Police have since arrested 45-year-old Angel Sakala, the purported man of God, in connection with the confusion. Police spokesperson Esther Katongo confirmed the arrest of pastor Sakala, a resident of High Ridge in Kabwe. Pastor Sakala, of Pentecost of Miracle Church, is believed by some Kafue residents to have resurrected a woman who died in September last year.

The pastor was conducting prayers at the home of late Mildred Fisonga’s parents on Sunday afternoon when confusion ensued. “Police were not notified and when there was too much interest among members of the community, who started gathering, police picked the pastor and later detained him at Shikoswe Police Post,” Ms Katongo said. One of her neighbours talked to yesterday, Jane Musonda, said Mildred died mysteriously. “Mildred was our colleague, we worked with her at the market here in Kafue. The death was mysterious, she never fell ill,” Ms Musonda said. She said after the death of Mildred, her younger sister decided to relocate to Kafue from Kabwe so that she could take care of her late sister’s children

But when the sister relocated, she, too, got sick and the family suspected it was the same illness which killed Mildred. Ms Musonda said this prompted Mildred’s mother, Iness Fisonga, to invite pastor Sakala to Kafue to conduct prayers in their house. “Her mother asked pastor Sakala to come and pray for Mildred’s sister and she recovered. So when people saw that the sister had recovered, the neighbours started flocking here in numbers. This house gets full and others even wait outside,” Ms Musonda said.

She said pastor Sakala had told Mildred’s family and some members of the community that he would raise her from the dead on Sunday. “With what has happened, I don’t know when the pastor will be able to execute his duties [to bring Mildred back to life],” Ms Musonda said. Another neighbour, Esnart Mubuyaeta, said pastor Sakala has a huge following in Kafue because of his ability to pray and heal people. When contacted, pastor Sakala claimed he raised Mildred from the dead on Sunday.

“People flocked to Shikoswe to see Mildred. As a result, the police came and the family whisked Mildred away for fear of them breaking into the house,” pastor Sakala claimed. He said Mildred has since been relocated to Kitwe. “When police came, they told me that I had to accompany them and the detention was for my safety. All the people wanted to see Mildred,” he said. Ms Fisonga refused to comment on the whole matter

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