Statement On The Independence Of The Judiciary

February 5, 2020

The Zambian DNA has noted that the Judiciary enjoys independence from the Executive arm of Government as Court decisions are arrived without any interference.

We expect every law-abiding citizen to respect the Courts’ decisions even when they rule against their case as they dispense justice for everyone regardless of their political or religious affiliation.

As for the verbal attacks on the Zambian Judiciary by some disgruntled elements following the Malawian Constitutional Court’s landmark decision to nullify 2019 Presidential polls, we are alive to the fact that the Malawian Court ‘s decision is independent from the Zambian Courts, and every patriotic Zambian should consider the subject in question as such.

We advise citizens to desist from bringing the credibility of the Judiciary into contempt and disrepute by their reckless and inflammatory statements that hold the potential to put this peaceful country on fire.

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