PF Cadres Selling Relief Food In Shibuyuni District

A scam in which Patriotic Front(PF) thugs are selling relief food in Shibuyuni District to taint the image of the Government of the Republic of Zambia has been exposed.

The source say the PF cadres are selling meali-meal distributed by the Disaster Management Unit(DMU) to Shibuyuni District to mitigate the hunger situation at a price of K80.

The impeccable source shamed and named the couprits as Modern Musala, Pauline Phiri and Junica Matabile.

Said the source:” last week, Kapyanga and Mamvule areas in Shibuyunji District received relief food (12.5kg bags of mealie meal) from government and the consignment was left in the hands of party cadres for distribution to the affected residents. However, I have information that these cadres are selling the same food at K80 per bag.”

He added that those(affected residents) who are unable to afford to purchase the bag of meali-meal at K80 are told to weed the maize fields of the said cadres as payment.

The source complained that that while Government is doing the distribution of relief food to citizens in good faith, the cadres selling the food are turnishing it’s image.

“…If left unmonitored, the same program will eventually turnish the good name of the PF Government because the whole exercise is done by selfish people who don’t have the interest of many suffering Zambians at heart,” the source said.

When reached for a comment, Governance Activist Wesley Miyanda said reports that PF cadres are selling relief food to Shibuyuni resident are very unfortunate.

He said it is the name of the PF which is suffering severe consiquences hence the need for investigative wings to bring the couprits to book.

“Government, through the Office of the Vice President is responding to hunger situations in the country positively by distributing relief food…the move is in good faith but the said cadres are frustrating it’s effort.

It is very unfortunate that the programme of distributing relief food to hunger stricken areas has turned out to be abused by some Patriotic Front cadres. The cadres are selling the same food to the community against wish of the Government,” Mr Miyanda said, ” It is unfair for citizen to treat Government in such a manner, so if these reports are true, I implore the investigative wings to get to work and tell the nation what is obtaining on the ground in this matter,” he said.

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  1. nineo   February 9, 2020 at 4:48 am

    Why is this not surprising and for sure the police are zeee. Am sure they are waiting for evidence!!!!!!