Statement On The Pocket Of Lawlessness In The Country

February 7, 2020

Zambian DNA is deeply concerned over the spate of riots felled by fake news purveyors that has rocked the Copperbelt Province.

We are greatly disturbed by the acts of suspected ritual killings and gassing of citizens with poisonous substances in different parts of the country.

Whilst these pockets of acts of lawlessness are separate and isolated incidents, it’s abundantly clear that they are part of series of an orchestrated scheme calculated to instill fear and sow seeds of discontent in the minds of Zambians.

It’s worth noting that the schemers are using acts of lawlessness as a deliberate attempt to incite Zambians to rise against their elected government for allegedly failing to curb the seemingly ‘deteriorating security situation’ in the country when in fact not.

We are also aware that the enemies of President Edgar Lungu and the Zambian people are grappling with insatiable and unquenchable appetite for power that is driving them to use all sorts of tactics in their futile attempt to agitate for regime change.

Nevertheless, we salute the Police’s swift action to curb these acts of lawlessness from escalating countrywide, and we are confident that the Police Command will work tirelessly to bring all culprits to book as well as ensure that citizens receive protection from the criminals terrorizing our people.

More so, we are appealing to the Republican President to continue delivering on an all-inclusive development agenda by fulfilling his campaign promises and ignore his detractors who have nothing to offer the people of Zambia.

We also urge the Zambian people to work with the Police in their quest to stamp out criminal elements terrorizing our communities, and support President Lungu as he means well for the country.

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