I Lost My Virginity In Mazabuka – Zambian Minister

I Lost My Virginity  In Mazabuka – Zambian Minister

Southern Province Minister, Dr. Edify Hamukale has registered his first ‘buzz’ statement of 2020 Saturday afternoon when he told a gathering he lost his virginity in Mazabuka after completing secondary school.

Hamukale happily shared his intimate past with residents at the commissioning of Mazabuka Bus Station, also attended by Germany Ambassador to Zambia Achim Burkhart among other dignitaries.

The Provincial Minister recalls his fond secondary school days with Mazabuka Mayor Vincent Lilanda and narrated that he was, until Grade 12 a virgin, but “misbehaved” after completing school in Mazabuka.

“Upto to G12 I was still a virgin…And then (when) I came to Mazabuka, I misbehaved, for the first time.So, it’s a place so dear to my heart,” revealed Hamukale.

Meanwhile, Hamukale says Mazabuka is always at heart because his mother hails from Chief Mwanachingwala and his career journey started from the sweet town.

He has since pledged commitment to facilitating for the development of the district.