Alick Nkhata Bridge Not A Death Trap-EIZ


The Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) president Eugene Malambo Haazele says Alick Nkhata flyover  bridge is not a death trap, disputing Ministry of Local Government Permanent Secretary Bishop Eddie Chomba claim that the site is a danger to humanity.

On 18th December 2019, The Ministry of Local Government  ordered the demolition of the bridge.

Dr Chomba  argued that the flyover bridge  is  death trap and lacks the basic minimum standards of a bridge.

He wondered which Zambian engineers approved such a structure and called for seriousness in the engineering sector.

But   EIZ launched investigations into the safety of the newly constructed flyover bridge on Alick Nkhata road in Lusaka’s Longacres area.

The institute constituted a team of engineers to undertake the investigations, following public outcry.


Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka ,Engineer Haazele said Alick Nkhata bridge is safe for motorists.
He, however stressed that works at the bridge are still in progress and that it has not yet being commissioned.

Eng Haazele said there is need to improve safety around the bridge and prevent traffic for pedestrians and cyclists.

“The solution is to adjust the configuration of all the radii at the two roundabouts. The crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists at all the arm to the roundabouts must be clearly delineated with adequate signposting and marking,” said Eng Haazele who is also Chairperson for the Engineering Council.

The EIZ president said the minimum entry radii should have been at least 20 metres while the exit radii should have be at 40 meters.

Mr Haazele was quick to note that there is need to channelize pedestrian movements to improve safety and avoid potential congestion.