Statement On Political Violence

  • February 10, 2020
    The Zambian DNA is urging all political party leaders especially those in the opposition to emulate President Edgar Lungu who has adopted a ” Zero Tolerance Stance” on political violence in the country.
    We are deeply concerned that some political party leaders are not doing enough to advise their cadres to desist from getting involved in political violence which has no place or space in Zambia.
    This comes in the wake of the political violence that took place in Kande Ward of Mongu that claimed the lives of two people and left several others seriously injured.
    As if this is not bad enough,there are reports of more violence in Mitete perpetrated by suspected UPND cadres, it seems like political violence is ingrained in the DNA of some political parties.
    After what happened in Sesheke, Kaoma, Mongu and now Mitete, we are calling on the Electoral Commission of Zambia whose core mandate is to manage the electoral process in Zambia, to rise to the occasion by banning political parties or candidates involved in political violence as a deterrent to would be offenders of the vice.
    Further, we are urging the Police Command to deal firmly with perpetrators of political violence in an up swing effort to root out the scourge.
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