Stop Tribal Talk

Stop Tribal Talk

MONGU Diocese Bishop Chinyama Chinyemba has advised Zambians to stop the tribal talk, saying it is a recipe for confusion. Bishop Chinyemba says tribalism, which has not spared Western Province, needs to be addressed soon because it is not healthy for a Christian nation like Zambia. He said there is also need to co-exist as a people because “we all come from the Luba-Lunda Empire”.

“There is a lot of tribal talk in the country and this makes us sad as a church. What is more disheartening is that some of the people who are perpetrating the tribal talk are Christians who come to church on Sunday,” he said. Bishop Chinyemba said this yesterday when Vice-President Inonge Wina called on him, before attending mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral in Mongu. Bishop Chinyemba also said that the tribal talk has disturbed him as it retards development.

He said it is sad that people are championing tribal talk instead of coming up with mechanisms of how best they can move the country forward in line with the Seventh National Development Plan. Mrs Wina said Government too is concerned about the tribal talk. She said the vice is as a result of people wanting to ascend to power through tribalism.

“It’s the struggle for political power which has given birth to this tribal talk as some politicians want to use tribalism to get in power, which is unfortunate,” she said. Mrs Wina said Government depends on the Church to educate people about the dangers of tribalism. She said the Church should, therefore, take a leading role and ensure that peace and love among the people prevail. Mrs Wina yesterday joined congregants at Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral to celebrate mass as she concluded her four-day working visit in Western Province. Mrs Wina, who was accompanied by Kanchibiya Member of Parliament Martin Malama, has returned to Lusaka. During the mass, Mrs Wina was given a Bible and a traditional basket as gifts by the church.

And in his homily taken from Matthew 5:13-16, Bishop Chinyemba called on the faithful to be the salt and light of the world. Bishop Chinyemba said Christians should not abuse their powers in society to oppress others. He also called on the media to be truthful in their reporting so that the masses are fed with correct and truthful information. “As Christians, we are the light of the world, and we should endeavour to live as such so that we do not lose the saltiness,” he said. Bishop Chinyemba said the church will continue praying for the leadership