Woman Nabbed For Allegedly Trafficking Daughter

Woman Nabbed For Allegedly Trafficking Daughter

A 28-year-old woman of Nakonde has been arrested for allegedly trafficking her 13-year-old daughter to Tanzania where the girl was made to work as a maid. Gertrude Nachivula of Katozi village in Chief Waitwika’s area was given TZS5,000 (K30) to buy lotion by a Tanzanian agent only known as Mama Nice before her daughter was taken away. The agent promised to give Nachivula K300 after one month of getting her daughter.

Muchinga Province Commissioner of Police Joel Njase said the matter was reported to the police by the girl’s father, Danny Sikanyika, who lives in Ntindi village. “Sikanyika divorced his wife Nachivula in 2018 after marital differences. “After the divorce, the wife relocated to Katozi village with five children, while the husband remained in Ntindi village where he remarried,” he said. Mr Njase said Mr Sikanyika was informed about his daughter being trafficked to Tanzania by a concerned member of the public on Saturday around 15:00 hours.

“Having heard this information, he reported the matter to the section chairman of Katozi village where the former wife stays. “The section chairman, a Mr Siame, summoned Nachivula to verify the allegations against her, which she admitted,” he said. Mr Njase said Nachivula said she knew Mama Nice of Tunduma five years ago.

Mama Nice asked Nachivula for her daughter to go and work as a maid at her Woman nabbed for allegedly trafficking daughter sister-in-law’s place in Tanzania. Mr Njase said the two parties agreed that the juvenile works for one month, after which she would return home. “Upon the daughter’s return, the mother was supposed to be paid K300,” he said.

He said arrangements have been made with Tanzanian authorities to retrieve the girl from Dar es Salaam. Mr Njase said a programme has also been put in place by the Victim Support Unit and other cooperating partners to counsel the victim. And a 14-year-old girl has been defiled by a 33-year-old man, who is on the run.

The incident happened on Saturday between 18:00 hours and 21:00 hours at Matumbo village in Shiwang’andu. Mr Njase said the victim was visiting her mother, who was nursing her sibling at Matumbo Clinic, when she met the suspect identified as Malama Kachala. “The suspect is said to have convinced the minor to go with him to his house where he had carnal knowledge of her until around 20:00 hours when he took her home thinking her mother was still at the clinic.

The child’s parents questioned where the two were coming from at that awkward time, but they failed to explain. Mr Njase said the suspect ran away in the night.