Sustainable Consumer Cannot Be Over Emphasised, Says Sakala

Sakala speaks to Journalists


By Fulman Mukobeko

The 2020 World Consumer  Right Day Organising Committee says as prices of goods and emissions rise, consumers are being more vigilant.

Speaking ahead of the World Consumer Right Day that falls on 15th March 2020 at the Competition Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) offices in Lusaka, organising committee chairperson, Calvin Sakala said the need to have a sustainable consumer cannot be overemphasized.
The consortium of consumers’ right include, Bank of Zambia (BoZ), The Zambia Bureau of Standard(ZAB) CCPC, Zambia Medicine Regulation Authority(ZAMRA) and Zambia Compulsory Standards (ZCS).

This year’s commemorations are under the theme “The Sustainable Consumer”

“A sustainable consumer is one who improves social and environmental performance as well as meets their needs without compromising those of future generations. The sustainable consumer is more attuned than ever to their dependence on energy and as prices and emissions rise, they’re being more vigilant,” Mr Sakala said.

He is happy that Governments are enacting laws that protect consumers from unfair commercial practices and help ensure that the environment is preserved for the benefit of future generations.

Mr Sakala said consumer education and business engagement are key activities under an effective consumer protection policy and play a role in achieving sustainable consumer in its relation to consumer choice.
” Consumers not only play a crucial role in sustainable consumption matters, they also have the right to sustainable environment in which they contribute to ensuring that their habits do not reduce the capacity of other people to live well, now and in the future,” he emphasised.

And Mr Sakala said the rise of electronic commerce and the digital economy has challenged traditional business models, broadened the channel for communication and facilitated the dissemination of education and awareness campaigns.

He said the use of social media maybe an effective means of communication as it covers a broad audience, in particular millenial who represent an emerging group of entreprenures.