Trucks Suspended From Using Great East Road

Trucks Suspended From Using Great East Road

Vincent Mwale, Chanda Kabwe and other officials pose for a photo along a collapsed culvert on Great East road
Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Vincent Mwale says due to the collapsed culverts along great east road at CH in Kacholola, heavy and light trucks will not be allowed to cross until further notice is given. We advise those planning trips to either side to cancel their trips until the situation normalizes.

“We are grateful to bus operators who have already began to interchange passengers through busses operating on both sides.”

“Small vehicles maybe allowed to cross but should we get more rains the decision maybe reviewed.”

A bailey bridge is being transported to the area to be installed. Installation of the bailey brigde may take 3 to 4 days.

Pls spread the word 🙏