Barbaric Behaviour Sign Of Failed Leadership, Says UPND’s Ruth Dante


Lusaka_17th February 2020

Ruth Dante


The UPND wishes to condemn the barbaric behavior of well-known Patriotic Front (PF) cadres drawn from Intercity Bus Terminus that wantonly disrupted a very important discussion on Bill 10 at Hotel Intercontinental this evening.

The behavior of the PF cadres at Intercontinental hotel is a sign of a failed leadership.

Things have fallen apart under Edgar Lungu’s leadership.

The PF leadership does not appreciate sanity of the mind. This is why they are encouraging hunger stricken youths to attack fellow citizens.

What the PF leadership does not realize is that the intercontinental hotel is a destination for international delegates and those visiting Zambia for various programmes.

For a normal leadership to stoop so low by sending thugs to cause confusion at such premises is unfortunate.

How can we have more than 50 cadres storm a well respected audience of eminent persons to disrupt a discussion centred around a very important national document that should define us as a people?

The country is being run as though state house is empty .Why allow PF cadres to beat up whoever they met at the hotel ? How were they able to tell who was a resident or foreigner?

Unfortunately, this was done in full view of the National television audience. What has happened to the rule of law?Why can’t we as people sit around the table to discuss matters of national importance without being violent?

What has happened to the spirit of Ubuntu?

The UPND has from time to time called for tolerance of divergent views especially among political players but that has continued to fall on deaf ears. The country expects the PF to take the lead in uniting the country but unfortunately it is the opposite of reality.

We call upon all Zambians to condemn this barbaric act of intolerance by known PF cadres.

Issued by:
Ruth Dante
*UPND* *Media* *Director*