Please can the Healthy Authorities advise why they believe the current measures at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport – KKIA suffice and why there has not been a total entry and exit ban put in place for arrivals from China by the Ministry of Health? Do you really believe we have the health resources in this country to deal with this outbreak? Prevention is the simplest and most straight forward thing to implement as opposed to scrambling for help in an unseen health crisis.

Our government needs to change the efficacy with which it implements policies in response to urgent crises.We will not sit back and openly invite this virus that is so preventable from reaching our borders and areas. Being a Luanshya resident,i have received concerns from employees of JCHX at Baluba Mine,a Chinese owned contracting company.

They have received Chinese nationals by the names of Mr. Suen,Equipment Manager and Mr. Zou,the Safety Manager.The workers are working with fear of contracting the CORONAVIRUS disease as they do not know whether Government has put in place strict measures to screen these Chinese. Nationals at Baluba Mine. Portrice Chanda