Scotland Yard Should Get Involved


LUSAKA 19/02/20


The United Party for National Development wishes to reaffirm its support to President Hakainde Hichilemas call on the Scotland Yard to intervene and aid the Zambia Police Service in investigating and establishing the syndicate behind the gassing of citizens that has led to an upheaval among members of the public.

This is because of the Metropolitan Police Service and the Police Community Support Officers’ effective law enforcement and ability to create a proper crime database and crimes enquiries that would lead to the establishment of the people behind the gassing.
Due to the continued failure by the Zambia Police to detect, Preserve public order and Combat fraud, we believe that the British Metropolitan Police would greatly help our inept Police to bring the underlying problem of gassing to a conclusive end.

Suffice to say, the UPND finds it very disturbing that a number of suspects that have been arrested since the gassing cases were first reported in Chingola have not been tried by any competent court of law to establish the people behind the barbaric acts that have led to the loss of lives and property.

It is in this vein that we feel the Zambia Police and other investigative wings must be aided by a more competent investigative body to effectively combat this crisis that has the capacity to cripple the countrys socio economic potential if left to spiral out of hand.

What started in Chingola has now spread throughout the country with more lives being lost at the hands of agitated members of the public that feel the police were not doing enough to curb the situation and it is a fallacy for the Minister of Home Affairs to insinuate that the Zambia Police is on top of things. Had it been so, we would not have recorded such a record number of destruction of public property and loss of human lives.