UPND On High Alert…As Speculation Over HH’s Pending Arrest Mounts

UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma writes.

Charles Kakoma wrote around 01hrs

sent a person to P1′,s place to check on reports that some police men were on their way from force headquarters to P1s place .

The messenger found a landcruiser along the road behind P1s place. It was parked next to P1s fence and Inside were two people in police uniform . Two other people in plain clothes were standing on the road.

The policemen asked the messenger what he was doing there . He cheated them that he was a resident in the neighborhood. After realising that someone had seen them, they jumped in their landcruiser and sped in the direction of town along the Ring road.

Colleagues, let’s be alert.

Some incriminating evidence such as the chemicals being used to gas people might be planted in P1’s yard to prove their allegations

They are probably planning to plant later search his premises.

Get involved!
[21/02, 06:49] Ruth Dante: I am just coming from P1 residence as well. I only saw two ZAF Soldiers at the junction as you get off the tarred road, going to P1 residence. Earlier, I also met a police vehicle full of policemen along Cairo road. I overtook them and observed where they were headed, but saw that they went along Independece road, until they disappeared.

Because those two ZAF soldiers are moving around there, we should not take things for granted. Where I saw the 2 is not the home where they are supposed to be guarding, but the roadside at the junction. They could be potentially assigned. You never know. Let us just maintain vigilance.