Violent Wife Shown Exit Door, Ordered To Keep Child

IN a fit of rage, a 29 year old woman allegedly bites her husband because he denies her conjugal rights. Ethel Mwape told the Matero Local Court that Moses Musonda, 29, refuses to sleep with her for unknown reasons and she responds angrily by biting him.

Testifying in a case in which her husband has sued her for defence, Mwape accused her husband of being promiscuous and that he speaks to different women on the phone at night. Mwape told the court that Musonda is promiscuous and that is fond of sleeping out. Earlier Musonda in his testimony told the court that Mwape beats him when the couple has a misunderstanding.

“The problem is that my wife is disrespectful and does not regard me as her husband. She insults me every time we have a misunderstanding,” she said. Musonda said Mwape does not accept correction when she does something and usually yells at him. He told the court that Mwape at one time threatened to stub him. “She tells me to divorce saying she no longer loves me and that there are better men out there. Mwape has even removed my ring from her hand,” Mwape said.

He said his wife likes biting and beating and that he is tired of her behaviour. Mwape said: “my wife calls me a son of the dog.” Parents both said they are tired of seating the pair down and that it is better for the pair to divorce. In passing judgement, Magistrate Pauline Newa granted the couple divorce due to violence and lacked of love. Custody of the child was given to Mwape