Keith Mweemba Resumes Representing Kambwili

Keith Mweemba Resumes Representing Kambwili

Magistrate Felix Kaoma has forgiven National Democratic Congress Leader Chishimba Kambwili’s lawyer Keith Mweemba after he barred him from his court for misconduct.

The magistrate had also threatened to report him to the Law Association of Zambia.

In this matter Progressive Party Leader Peter Chanda has taken Kambwili to court alleging that he put the name of the president in ridicule by uttering defamatory words.

Two weeks ago Mr. Mweemba and magistrate Kaoma differed when Mr. Mweemba insisted the court adjourns the matter on grounds that his client was unwell but the magistrate insisted the matter goes on.

This forced Mr. Mweemba walked to walk out of court without being given permission to do so.

When the matter came up for cross examination Mr. Mweemba rendered his apology and promised not to disrespect the court ever again and his apology was accepted.

The state also begged the court to withdraw its complaint against Mr. Mweemba from the Law Association of Zambia in the spirit of Christianity and unity.

The court has obliged to the application by the State.