Zambians Urged To Support Pres. Lungu, Government

February 26, 2020
President Edgar Lungu
The Zambian DNA is appealing to all Zambians to support President Edgar Lungu and the Government to bring an end to the criminality that has gripped the country.
It is abundantly clear that President Lungu means well for this country as he does everything to better the lives of all Zambians without leaving anyone behind.
However, we are indeed saddened by the loss of life through mob justice killings which we know is politically motivated as it is a calculated scheme to erode the Zambian people’s confidence in President Lungu and his Government.
We appeal to citizens to work closely with the Zambia Police Service and other Security Wings in order to stop the gassing and mob justice killings in our communities.
We are confident that the people of Zambia will not fall prey to selfish politicians who are bent on inciting citizens to rise against a democratically elected Government in their futile attempt to agitate for regime change.
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