State of the Art Laboratory At Texila Cheers Zambian Government



Lusaka-Zambia The state of the art infrastructure at Texila University Lake Road Campus has left Labour and Social Security  Minister Joyce-Nonde Simukoko bubbling with joy.

The Minister says she is amazed with the incomparable learning equipment she has seen at Texila American University.


And Texila American University Vice Chancellor Vijayakumar Rajarathinam says the higher learning institution is plowing back to the community through the Kenneth Kaunda Scholar scheme, established a couple of years ago.

Speaking when she visited Texila American University in Lusaka, Mrs. Simukoko said the higher learning institution has impressive laboratory equipment that prepares students effectively in the medical field.

The Minister who was franked by her ministry staff toured the Skills lab, Chemistry and Biochemistry lab, Anatomy lab and Biology and Microbiology



“I am very impressed that we have this university, especially that it is so equipped. So, we expect our students to take advantage of what we are seeing here and get educated to contribute meaningfully to the development of health sector in the country,” she said, “I am very happy that I came here (at Texila American University). I have looked at this place and I am impressed with everything I have seen.”


She urged young people not to be crowding the already flooded Journalism career but ensure that they enroll in medical courses at Texila American University.

I would like to call on you(Journalists), instead of bringing these cameras to me, be doctors so that you can save the nation. Medicine is one of the careers that is very important to mankind. I was just talking to doctors that ‘you, the work you do; you are only answerable to God because we don’t understand how you make a person who was very sick to start walking. It is a very good talent which needs to be supported. So, I am encouraging as many people in the country as possible  to become doctors so that we stop going into other countries to seek health services,” she stressed.


The former Federation of Free Trade Union in Zambia(FFTUZ president said she is happy that the university is contributing meaningfully to the health sector which she said is very important.


Mrs. Simukoko said the country is grappling with very few health workers, especially in rural area, hence Government is encouraged when investors invest in education.


“We need a lot of doctors. As you maybe aware, I was just talking to my colleagues there (at Texila American University) that I am very worried about rural areas where in most places, we don’t have doctors. So, you can imagine the type of life people face in such situations,” she said “When we see investors coming in the country to invest in education, we get very excited because we all know that knowledge is power. Without knowledge, we are definitely in trouble and being unhealthy is another situation,” the Labour Minister said.


And Mr Rajarathinam said the higher institution initiated the Kenneth Kaunda Scholarship scheme to cushion the burden of high payments in the medical education courses.


He is glad that last year, the university gave out scholarships worth K1.5 million to close to 30 students


“Medicine is not a cheap programme, it is a very expensive program. You might have seen the equipment; you might have seen the laboratory that has been set up. It is very expensive but when you enroll, you are able to appreciate the quality you get from this university and the services it offers. To make it comfortable and conducive to the learner, we have put up three payment schemes and these are monthly option, quarterly option and we have a standing order option. Apart from that, we have the Kenneth Kaunda Scholarship programme that we offer every year during the Month of September. Last year, we gave out Scholarship worth K1.5 million to over 30 students. We are giving back to the society what we have received in this country