Sangwa Is Hallucinating-Matches… Pres. Lungu Is Eligible To Contest The 2021 Polls

Constitutional Lawyer John Sangwa has illusions arising from his personal issues,  PF Media team member James Matches has charged.

Speaking in Lusaka recently, Mr Sangwa said President Edgar Lungu is not eligible to contest the 2021 General Elections and it will be interesting how the Electoral Commission of Zambia(ECZ) will handle his nomination papers

But Mr Matches said the Lusaka Lawyer has serious issues that are affecting his way of thinking.

He said Sangwa is aware that the Constitutional Court ruled on the matter and the judgement was very clear that President Lungu is eligible to contest the 2021 election.

“The Constitutional Court judgment was very clear as regards the eligibility of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to run for the 2021 elections. So, what is Sangwa talking about? That man has personal issues and I wouldn’t want to go into that,” Mr Matches said.

Asked whether it is not dictatorial for the PF Members of the Central Committee to proclaim President Lungu as a sole Candidate, Mr Matches said there is nothing tyrannical about that.

He said while the PF die-hards including the MCC have endorsed President Lungu’s candidature ahead of the 2021 elections, the PF Media Team  member said no one has been banished to challenge him at the forth-coming Convention.

PF Secretary General Davis Mwila announced that the party will hold its Convention next month.

Mr Matches described  the PF  as a most democratic party in the country.

“Find out from Hakainde Hichilema when his party will go for a convention. The guy has been losing elections but he keeps on appearing on the ballot and you seem not to take issue with that,” Matches said.

He said President Lungu is the most attractive candidate and the MCC’s favoured choice.

And Mr Matches has dismissed talks that the PF support base in its strongholds is intact despite the emergence of the PF breakaway parties National Democratic Congress(NDC) and Democratic Party(DP).

He said Dr Chishimba Kambwili’s NDC has been performing poorly in the PF strong, the Chilubi By-election being a classic example.

Mr Matches said NDC tumbled badly in Chilubi despite some critics claiming that it has come to dislodge the ruling party from its strongholds
“…And has for the DP led by honourable Harry Kalaba, there is nothing to talk about, there is nothing there because it has never tested the waters of elections. The DP has never participated in the by-election…they do not have a councilor. Mr Kalaba has been given a lot of platforms by the Zambian people but he has no numbers. The strength of the political party is determined by the votes but how can you know how many voters you have if you are not testing the waters of elections?” Mr Matches wondered.