Court Grants Injunction To Lusaka Bus Driver, Others

Lusaka High Court Judge Hon Justice P Yangailo has granted an interim injunction to Lusaka based Bus driver Kingsley Limbali and others who operate from Kulima Tower Bus Station.

This is in a case where Limbali and his colleagues were chased from operating from Kulima Tower Bus Station by Tressford Mwila and others who are purporting to run the Bus Station.

By Order of the Court, Mwila and his colleagues, either by themselves or by their servants or agents or whosoever otherwise have been restrained from collecting money, fees or levies and preventing Limbali and others from operating at Kulima Tower or otherwise interfering in their operations until final determination of the case before Court.

This comes in the wake of allegations that PF cardres have taken over the running of Markets and Bus Stations thereby preventing citizens who are not aligned to the PF from enjoying the right to equally do so.

Limbali and his colleagues are represented in this case by prominent Lusaka lawyer Mulambo Haimbe of Malambo and Co while Mwila is represented by Counsel from Legal Aid Board.