Landlord, Tenant Affair Kills Marriage

A CALL by a concerned neighbour that Royd Kamisa’s wife was sleeping with their late landlord was the beginning of the end of a 13 year old marriage. Kamisa, 38, said he was disturbed to discover that his wife, Getrude Daka, 33, was having an affair with his landlord and he had not known about it. He is now seeking to divorce the woman with whom he has two children. “It is unfortunate that my wife was sleeping with my late landlord even when she saw how the wife died.

I have no doubt that Daka was sleeping with our late landlord because she was found HIV positive at the clinic,” Kamisa said. He told the court that he wondered why his wife was close to the landlord before he died. Kamisa said other people in the neighbourhood knew his wife’s affair with the landlord.

“I was shocked to see how my wife lost weight a year after we went on separation. When we went to the clinic, they kept her status private, medical personnel only revealed when I went there alone,” he said. Kamisa said he has lost the love he had for Daka because of her unfaithfulness. Daka, in her defence, told the court that problems in her marriage started in 2019 when Kamisa started going out with her best friend. “He confessed that he was going out with my friend and I forgave him but he did not change his behaviour.

I was frustrated so I took to beer and snuff,” she said. Daka refuted Kamisa’s claim that she was found positive at the clinic but that she is on Tuberculosis treatment. She told the court that she loves her husband and that she does not want to divorce him. Magistrate Pauline Newa granted the couple divorce on grounds that there is no love between the couple. Kamisa was told to compensate Daka with K 4,000 to be paid in