Woman Dies At Boyfriend’s House


A YOUNG woman has died at her boyfriend’s two-roomed cabin in Lubuto West after a drinking spree.

The deceased only identified as Naomi, a resident of Twapia Township, is reported to have gone drinking on Monday with her boyfriend in the company of another couple in Kantolomba Shanty Compound where she apparently became unconscious due to intoxication.

According to eye witnesses inteviewed at the scene, the boyfriend is said to have carried the woman on his back to his cabin as the two couples returned to the man’s cabin around 21:00 hours where the woman is believed to have died.

A Lubuto Community News crew that rushed to the scene found the woman lying on the floor in the living room with her face up. The deceased was wearing a sky blue ripped jeans with her upper body completely naked.

The boyfriend is reported to have gone into hiding while the other couple has been detained by the police to help with investigations.

The body has since been picked up by police and deposited at Ndola Teaching Hospital awaiting postmortem. The deceased has left a young child.

(Source: Lubuto Community News)