Mulambo Haimbe Foundation Responds To Dangerous Garbage In Bauleni Compound


Prince Takamado School pupils in the  heavily populated Bauleni Compound have pleaded with Mulambo Haimbe Foundation, the Lusaka City Council and other stakeholders to come on board and remove the uncollected garbage piled at the refuse dump site, opposite the school, which health experts say pose a serious health risk.

And Mulambo Haimbe Foundation has written to the Lusaka City Council(LCC), proposing a co-operation partnership for the implementation of the Lusaka Urban Waste Remediation Project, the charitable organization has embarked on.


Mulambo Foundation formulated and embarked on “the Lusaka Urban Solid Waste Remediation Project” aimed at arresting, reversing and finding a lasting solution to the disposal and management of solid waste in the City.

According to the Foundation Director, Mulambo Haimbe, the foundation intends to work closely with stakeholders in the implementation of the project through networking, sharing synergies and leveraging on area of mutual benefits among business community, communities living within the City, solid waste management companies, community based enterprises operating within the City, environmental protection organizations, recycling companies and enterprises.

He said the foundation has identified Bauleni Township as the largest single community closet to its principle place of business which is in dare need of an urgent and immediate intervention by way of removal of piles of solid waste which have accumulated over sometime in close proximity to homes and water sources.

“The purpose of writing this letter therefore, is to invite the Lusaka City Council to join hands with the foundation to, as a first step, attend to the cleaning and sanitation of areas where the said piles of solid waste have accumulated within Bauleni Compound. This is to be followed by the holding of sensitization workshops and other activities aimed at preventing the recurrence of the situation currently prevailing in the community,” Mr. Haimbe said.

He said it is envisaged that from the proposed co-operation the foundation will take, will be by way of provision of specialized equipment, manpower and the technical know how to address this situation by the Lusaka City Council, while the foundation will be responsible for resource mobilization.

Mr. Haimbe said the foundation has sourced the initial finances for  the purpose of kick starting the Project.

He said the Foundation will officially launch the project in the forth-coming days, whilst finalizing the possible terms of co-operation with its stakeholders.

The Mulambo Haimbe Foundation Limited is a not for profit Community Based Organization(CBO) whose aim is, among other things, to share hope, give back and change lives in the communities it operates in.

The foundation has its registered offices in Ibex Hills, Lusaka and therefore considers Lusaka Central District Business(CBD) and surrounding areas as its main operating area. The foundation is arrived to the unique position that Lusaka occupies as a Capital City and home of the most important symbols of nationhood such as State House.

And Princess Takamando pupils who mobbed Mr Haimbe as he was inspecting the area, expressed concern that residents risk being wiped out by perennial Cholera outbreaks as a result of uncollected garbage piled near the school.

“This garbage doesn’t look nice because it can bring diseases like Cholera or ConVid-19 outbreaks, “said one of the pupils.

The other one added: “Indeed, this garbage doesn’t look nice because when rain comes, there will be a lot  of water and when this water scatters…children who like playing in water will  be vulnerable to Cholera outbreak. There is need to clean up this garbage so that we can be saved. So, sir (Mulambo Haimbe Foundation) we are asking for your help. Do something because as Prince Takamando School pupils, we are very close to this uncollected garbage.”

The third pupil said: “There are many pupils at Prince Takamando who are careless…they eat anyhow…flies come from here (garbage dump site) and go to the food they are eating. So, sir help us.”

And in response, Mr Haimbe said, “I think you have heard from the young children about this situation. We can’t have this to continue. There has to be a solution and that is why we have found ourselves here today in order to sort out this problem. Nobody else has an initiative. So, we will do it and we invite everybody else willing to work with us to come on board.”