Maid Who Killed Baby By Dipping it In Hot Water Arrested

A MAID of Kawambwa has been arrested for allegedly killing her employer’s 11-month-old baby by dipping it in hot water. The baby was left in the care of 26-year-old Prisca Kakona, who put the child in a bathtub containing the water. Luapula Province Commissioner of Police Elias Chushi and Kawambwa District Commissioner Ivo Mpasa confirmed the incident in interviews yesterday.

Mr Chushi said the incident happened on Tuesday around 14:00 hours at Kawambwa Tea Estates. He said the victim’s mother, Prudence Karla, a security guard at Kawambwa Tea Estates, left the baby with the maid and went for work. “The maid wanted to bath the baby. However, she hurriedly put the baby in a plastic baby bathtub containing hot water without cooling it. Eventually, the baby was severely burnt on his private part and buttocks,” Mr Chushi said.

Mr Chushi said the baby died on the way to Kawambwa District Hospital and was buried without conducting a postmortem. The suspect is in custody. Mr Mpasa described the incident as unfortunate and a big loss. He has since called on parents to ensure that they leave their children in the custody of people they trust and know well to avoid such incidents. Mr Mpasa said it is sad that a baby has been lost in the most painful way and appealed to the family to be strong and look up to God. And 22 girls in Chief Chikwanda’s chiefdom in Mpika have been retrieved from marriages and taken back to school. Chief Chikwanda, of the Bemba people, said in an interview yesterday that the 22 girls are aged 13 and 14 years.

He said the girls were married off by their guardians after they failed to continue supporting them to school. The traditional leader said the girls have all been taken back to school and their guardians have been warned against marrying off their children. Chief Chikwanda said sensitisation among his subjects has continued to ensure early marriages are curbed.

He said his chiefdom has also created zones where they are choosing committee members who are sensitising parents and guardians about the dangers of early marriages. He appealed to Government to legalise the traditional courts in rural areas so that they can be given the power to imprison people who marry off their children. And the traditional leader has thanked Government for investing massively in the health sector in his chiefdom.