Vikram Fails To Show Up In Court Again!


Lusaka, Zambia– Vikram Investment Chairperson Panyam-Reddy Vikram has continued making himself unavailable for the Zambian court proceedings, yesterday, Monday 15th March 2020 claiming that his flight via South Africa was cancelled off due to Coronavirus that has hit most of the countries.

Business Mogul Vinod Yaddula with Prominent Zambian Lawyer Mulambo Haimbe at the Magistrate Court

This is in a case where Poornamar(1st accused) and Vikram(2nd accused) have been sued for forgery and theft respectively by former Vikram Investment Director Vinod Yaddula, 40.

When the matter came up for retain of bench warrant and possible commencement of trial, Vikram’s lawyer from Messrs Andrew & Partners  said his client was supposed to arrive in the country over the weekend but his flight that was scheduled to fly via South Africa was called off due to the on-going deadly Covid 19 disease.

But Yaddula’s lawyer, K. Phiri from Malambo & Co  objected and prayed that Chief Resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale re-issues the bench warrant for the arrest of Vikram whom he said is wasting the Court’s time by not making himself available.

Chief Resident
Magistrate Lameck Mwale had issued a bench warrant to Poornamar and Vikram when they failed to appear before the court on 29 January 2020. Magistrate Mwale, however, cancelled the arrest warrant of the second accused, Vikram, with his lawyers promising that he would attend the next hearing which came up on 15th March 2020 but to no avail.

Vinod with his lawyer Mulambo Haimbe at the Magistrate Court

Vikram’s lawyer gave an excuse that he would not come to court due to flight restrictions.

Magistrate Mwale took into consideration that Corona Virus has posed a health risk.
“…Even hear where we are(court gathering), Corona virus is a threat,” he said as he interjected Vikram’s lawyer who had risen to counter Phiri’s objection.

At that point, an officer from Lusaka Central Police testified before the court that it has been difficult for him to deliver a bench warrant to the first accused, Poornamar as his whereabout in India are still not ascertained.

The officer said he has since engaged Interpol who have requested to interview the complainant, Yaddula before they launch a man-hunt.

The court has since set 16 April for the return of bench warrant.