Politics, Women Have Fallen Great Musicians-Moz B Umushilika

Moz B

Acclaimed Zambian musician Moz B Umushilika says politics, sex and money have led the downfall of many great artistes in the country.


And Moz B born Moses Bwalya has urged musicians to wait for God’s time instead of engaging dark forces famously referred to as illuminate for the sake of acquiring fame.


Moz B said while musicians are at liberty to sing on anything that affects mankind, they must be cautious of political songs which have the potential to destroy the music industry.


Moz B

He referred to many musicians whose careers flagged off very well but have dwindled because they became “political animals” when fame got into their heads.


Asked whether he has plans to produce a political hit song ahead of the forthcoming General Elections, the artistes said he would not do such a thing.


Moz B said it would be betrayal to some of his fans if he sided with any political party ahead of the forth coming polls.


He said his fan base consists of both the ruling and opposition party members who might be injured by his political views.



” I brand myself as a voice of the voiceless…today, I may supposedly support a certain political party, but if that political party turns out to be a maniac and starts harming my fans, it means I am not being fair to them. I might not be the main cause but in some ways, I will contribute to the downfall and suffering of my own people,” he said, adding “In Zambia, great artistes have fallen… do you know what kills them? If it is not girls, then it is money or politics.”


And Moz B urged musicians to work hard and not indulging in Satanic activities for fame and money.


“There is a scripture in the Bible that says ‘God’s time is the best’. Those people who indulge themselves in Satanism are people who can’t wait for God’s time. Yes, there are charms in the music industry just like in football…there are players who use charms to play football. In music you can be an armature for many years, when you become a big star, it will not be easy for you to come down but if you sell your soul just because you want to make it big in the music industry, you won’t last long in  the game,” he said, “Look at it this way, when dark forces tell you to sacrifice a human being, are you going to enjoy your wealth?” he asked.


Moz B is currently enjoying the wheels of fame with his indelible famous songs Ka Dance Kachupile, Ndele and Buffalo Nazanda among others.


While the former Copperbelt rapper works with many produces, most of his hit songs have been produced by Casey Beats based in Kabwe.


Moz B hit Buffalo song has been accepted to play on Channel O and Trace, internationally acclaimed TV channels .