Pornographic Siavonga Trio Appear in Court

THE General Manager at Southern Belle Lodge in Siavonga and the two women of the same district have appeared in court on charges of producing obscene materials.

The trio appeared in the Siavonga Magistrates Court yesterday morning.

Appearing before magistrate Evelyn Mulenga Musonda were 63-year-old Kelvin Immelman, a South African national , Miss Independence Siavonga 2019 Nancy Sishwashwa ,19, and Emeldah Himaila ,29, all residents of Siavonga.

The trio are facing charges of making pornographic materials contrary the laws of Zambia.

In count one and two it is alleged that on the September 3, 2019 and February 7 2020, Immelman separately did have carnal knowledge with Himaila and Sishwashwa and produced pornographic videos respectively.

While in count three it is suspected that on March 17, 2020 Immelman had in possession of pornographic materials at his residence located within the Lodge.

The matter which came up for explanation of the charge has since been adjourned to April 6, 2020 for another mention while the court waits for instructions from the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for how to proceed with the matter.

Immelman applied for the bail which was granted to him in the sum amount of K 15,000 (cash bail) with two working sureties to pay the same amount each.

The court also ordered the suspect to surrender his passport for fear of him running away.

The two female suspects Sishwashwa and Himaila also applied for the bail which was granted to them in the sum amount of K 2,000 each on their own recognisance with four working sureties to pay the same amount each.