Statement On Opposition MP’s Conduct During The Constitution Amendment Bill No.10 Debate

UPND members of parliament leave the House after Speaker announced their 30 days suspension

March 19, 2020

Opposition UPND MPs betrayed their electorates when they chose to shun the Constitution Amendment Bill no 10 debate in preference to toeing their Party leader’s selfish and partisan line.

We are shocked that a few patriotic opposition MPs who chose to stay in the House in order to debate Bill 10 are now being threatened by their Party leadership with severe punishment for representing interests of their electorates.

It’s worth noting that MPs are elected to represent interests of their electorates, and not to pander to the whims of their Party leader’s selfish and partisan interests.

We salute the brave and courageous MPs who defied their Party leaders’ selfish and partisan instructions in their quest to represent interests of those that sent them to Parliament.

Whilst President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has demonstrated qualities of selfless leadership as he cares for every Zambian, the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has as usual failed the leadership test by ordering his MPs to shun Bill 10 debate in Parliament and other national issues.

Issued by:

Consortium of Political Parties and Non-Governmental Organizations