Woman Denies Being Assaulted By UPND

Woman Denies Being Assaulted By UPND

A woman living with disability who was allegedly beaten at Hakainde Hichilema’s residence last week, Mirriam Kasoleka has denied being beaten by alleged UPND cadres.

Ms. Kasoleka says the day when the incident happened, she was picked at her house by other disabled people to go and get assistance at an alleged organisation.

Ms. Kasoleka narrates that while in the minibus an unknown person threw a stone through the window resulting into her sustaining head injuries.

She claims she was never attacked by any UPND cadres nor was she near Mr. Hichilemas residence.

Patriotic Front and Nominated Members of Parliament Raphael Nakachinda earlier challenged UPND Leader to come out open on the beating of the woman.