Citizens Urged to Take Corona Virus Outbreak Seriously


For Immediate Release


(Lusaka, 23rd March, 2020) – A Public Health Specialist has called on Zambians to be proactive in the fight against the Corona Virus. Brigadier General Dr Lawson Simapuka has said that precautionary measures should be taken seriously such as limited social contact and avoidance of unnecessary movements. He has also urged citizens to eat lots of fruit and vegetables with high anti viral activity and antioxidants to boost their immunity. Dr Simapuka, who is also Texila American University (TAU) Zambia Dean of Medicine has however urged citizens to stay calm and not panic but to do what is necessary to ensure their safety. He observed that the fatality rate is about 1 to 1.5 percent, which proves that very few people are at risk of death. Dr Simapuka has applauded government’s move to close schools, colleges and universities. He has also urged citizens to adhere to government’s directive to limit large gatherings.  He however suggests that  more measures should be put in place to restrict movement of citizens. He also added that inflow of people from affected countries should be suspended.

Dr Simapuka has said that the Corona Virus can infect anyone, regardless of race or ethnicity. He said any human being is at risk and Zambians should be alert and not fall prey to rumors. He added that the most at risk are people older than 65years and younger than 5 years old because their immunity is weak. He has also advised that whoever has symptoms of the virus should not panic but seek medical attention even though there is no proven medication for the Corona virus yet. He added that treatment is palliative, which means one needs to take care of the symptoms with pain killers and herbal remedies. He also suggests that people with symptoms should self isolate and take home remedies such as fruits such as lemons and oranges, ginger and mint. 


 Brigadier General Dr Simapuka was speaking in an interview at Texila American University in Lusaka.





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