Marriage ‘commits suicide’

AN ATTEMPT to take her own life has cost a 23-year-old woman of Lusaka her marriage. Her husband, Passmore Moyo, 28, told the Matero Local Court that his wife, Faidess Moyo, took poison and ended up in hospital, where she regained consciousness. He told the court that he is scared of being held responsible should Faidess kill herself or anything bad happens to her.

Passmore was testifying in a matter in which he sued Faidess for divorce. The couple got married in 2011 and has two children. “Last time she got drunk and took poison, she regained consciousness at the hospital. She is violent and likes breaking household goods when she gets drunk,” he said. Passmore told the court that Faidess was last time throwing knives at the door when she got drunk.

He told the court that his wife has been counselled on several occasions but she has not changed her irresponsible behaviour. “I cannot stay with her anymore because we do not get along. She is not getting any better despite making several promises that she would change,” Passmore said. In his submissions, he told the court to grant the couple divorce so that they go separate ways to prevent death on either of them. But in her testimony, Faidess refuted Passmore’s claims and told the court that she is not a drunkard. “The issue is that my husband does not show any concern or support to my disabled child.

Whenever I ask him to help me with money for physiotherapy, he does not comply,” she said. Faidess said her husband has also failed to help her procure a wheelchair for the disabled child. She told the court that she is also in agreement with the idea of divorce on grounds that Passmore is irresponsible and unconcerned about the welfare of the child. In passing judgement, Magistrate Miyanda Banda granted the couple divorce on grounds that there is violence, lack of communication and support in the marriage. Passmore was also ordered to start maintaining his two children with monthly instalments of K400.