Assault Case Leaves Minister Lubinda In Tears

Assault Case Leaves Minister Lubinda In Tears

Justice Minister Given Lubinda was left in tears this morning in court when narrating how he was beaten at Kabwata Market in Lusaka when he toured the Market.

Mr. Lubinda has told the court that he has not been able to recover from the shock and humiliation he went through on that day.

In this matter, Martin Mambwe ,Patrick Mubanga, Major Chansa, Moses Mulenga, and Goodson Mwale, have been found with a case to answer for proposing violence to Mr. Lubinda.

It is alleged that Martin Mambwe on July 12, 2019 assaulted Mr Lubinda occasioning him actual bodily harm.

When the matter came up for continuation of trial before magistrate Lameck Mwale, Mr. Lubinda who was emotional told the court that he is fearful for the country and wonders who is safe if a Minister with State protection 24 hours a day can be beaten in public.

Mr. Lubinda has identified Martin Mambwe as the person who slapped him during the attack.


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  1. Samlindo   March 31, 2020 at 8:12 am

    When a MAFIA organisation blossoms, the main leader of the organisation holds on to the top position by using brute force and instilling fear of death on the followers, otherwise he is expendable, today PF is either headed towards full MAFIA organisation or it has already arrived their, if that is the case, no one is safe within PF by PF themselves.