Some Hilarious Nicknames In Zambian Football (Past and Present)

Some Hilarious Nicknames In Zambian Football (Past and Present)

Some hilarious nicknames in Zambian football (Past and present)

“Bapwishe” – Gibby Mbasela (Mufulira Wanderers & Nkana)

A master dribbler that sent opposing defenders to their bottom, Mbasela assumed a number of nicknames due to his fine dribling and showboating skills he displayed.
The most dominant of the names was ‘Bapwishe’ meaning ‘Dribbling past them all’ while for his ability to ease the tempo of the game and dictate play to his own pace saw him dubbed ‘Cool it’.

“Chopper” – Kunda Mushota (Zesco United)

A hard tackler and nonsense defender with a legendary status at Zega Mambo, Mushota’s flying tackles on the cover saw him likened to an helicopter rotor.

“Ichamilando” – Donashano Malama (Nkana & Zesco United)

Konkola Mine Police-product and 2013 Super League winner is a hard-tackling workhorse on the pitch that never stops running thus being likened to fagging trucks that transport heavy timber logs.

“Nzmutumina” – Alick Sichinga (Zamtel & Nkana)

The now retired Nkana legend was a hard tackler during his playing days but it was his ability to put out empyreal switches of play across the pitch and find teammates in distant and wider areas during his time Zamtel at Musa Kasonka Stadium in Ndola that earned him the likening of a phone call transmitter and nickname meaning ‘I will call you’.

‘Russian Tanker’ – Jericho Shinde (Nkana)

Another Kalampa legend, Shinde was a natural defensive midfielder that could not only provide cover for the defence but also aided in attack.
For his stamina and ability to bundle opponents in all areas of the field, he was likened to a Russian oil ship transporter.

‘Sate Sate/Landlord’ – Ronald Kampamba (Nkana)

At only 27 years old, the Kalampa youth set-up product is already a club icon for some and the name ‘Sate Sate’ is an household name across the Wusakile vicinity and entire Kitwe city for his fine performances at the club.
His moniker that has become a brand, came about long during his teenage days when he played when he played community football and usually requested his team and the opposite side to place amounts of K30 (‘Sate’, Bemba slang) a each for grabs hence the name Sate Sate (30 30).
Aside that, he has been named Landlord at Chilata (Nkana Stadium) due to his long stay at the club and his Sate Sate moniker in this case is related to the monthend (30th) and when landlord scores, he collects his rent from opponents.

‘Ucar’ – Godfrey Chitalu (Kabwe Warriors)

After recording breaking 1972 season in which the Zambian football icon scored a mindblowing 102 goals in all competitions, Football commentator and journalist Dennis Liwewe named the goal king ‘Ucar’ after a durable American brand of batteries by a company named Union Carbide or simply UCAR.