Flash Drivers Go On Paid Leave

Flash Drivers Go On Paid Leave


ALL Flash Bus employees whose health situations put them at high risk of contracting the deadly Coronavirus will be on paid leave, company Proprietor Ismael Kankara has announced.

Since breaking out in the Chinese town of Wuhan last December, COVID-19 has killed more close to 30,000 people worldwide and infected more than 700,000 globally.

Zambia has 35 confirmed cases and has announced a number of measures to halt the spread but insists the “war” cannot be won without community participation.

Old people and and those with compromised immune system are more at risk of the Coronavirus according to medical experts.

Kankara whose buses operate from Mellenium Bus Station in Lusaka said all employees who had underlying health complications such as TB and other ailments which may make it possible for them to contract novel Coronavirus would stay home but would still get their full salary.

Kankara also stressed he would ensure the station and all buses are properly sanitised to prevent the spread of COVID-19.