Vinod Survives Vikram’s Murder Plot…As Police Arrest 5 Hired Assassins


Target: Vinod Yaddula       

Lusaka, Zambia-In the James Bond style, Vinod Yaddula, a charismatic Zambian of Asia origin faked

his  death to burst  his adversary, Vikram Deva-Reddy, bringing down his four hired assassins.

Vikram and his hired hired killers

Vikram, the Vikram Investment  Limited Chairperson, last week wanted his hired killers to either kill Vinod or remove his eyes so that he could not see again.

A cartel containing Zambians and Kenyan Nationals were hired by Vikram to finish off Yaddula’s life but the man who was tasked to make a hit, Simon Nganga, a Kenyan National turned the victim’s informer.
Others that were in the killing ring that was worth as little as U$D10 000 are Vikram’s Manager, Edward from Kenya, Shyam, a Zambian Computer dealer, Vikram Investment Driver Renard, a Matero resident and  former Roxy Disk Jockey(DJ) only identified as Misheck.

Vikram will never forgive Vinod for merely resigning from Vikram Investment Limited and starting his own company to establish himself as a prominent mining investor.

“Let me tell you, what Vikram wants is that guy to die, if he doesn’t die  remove his eyes ,” Vikram’s hired Zambian assassin is heard in a recording … take a listen. vikram’s killers conversation

Below are Whats’up screen shots of Vikram’s assassins exchange among each other.


This publication, early this year reported that Vinod’s life was in danger and vehicles were trailing him from different locations.

The notorious murder suspects had a nerve to take photos inside court while the victim was appearing in court.

In addition to that, photos of Vinod were taken within the Magistrates Court and at his lodge along the Great North Road .

After realizing that he was being used for peanuts, Nganga betrayed his master (Vikram) and started offering free information to Vinod Yaddula.

“I just couldn’t kill a man like Vinod for as little as USD10 000. Vikram is a very bad man who uses people for nothing so when I got the offer, I thought it could be the right time to punish him. He uses people to kill innocent business rivals for almost nothing. If he has been succeeding in many hits, this job is different,” Nganga told Vinod’s right hand man.

Nganga offloaded a lot of information on how the murder plan was being implemented, including hundreds of recordings and pictorial evidence, implicating Vikram, a beleaguered wealthy Indian.
Ironically, Vikram is working with Vinod’s wife Gurramkonda Anusha and the “small” India Kalikiri Poornakumar. Poornakurma is a character who was sent by Vikram to steal Vinod’s cheques in December last year.

In order to destroy Vinod emotionally, Vikram used his money and influence to separate Anusha from her husband.
The couple has had a tattered relationship, with Anusha running away to India with Vinod’s two children to unite with her godfather Vikram.

Reports suggest that Vikram is collaborating with  Anusha to eliminate her husband and  take over his hard earned property at Roxy Night Club, including  his mine in Northwestern Province.

On 26th October 2019, Vinod’s wife Anusha  traveled alone to Dubai where at Vikram’s residence suggesting that she is connected to the murder conspiracy.

In another development photos of Vikram’s bodyguards at Anusha’s residence in India, suggesting that Anusha and her family are involved in the elimination plans of Vinod. They want to takeover his properties both in India and Zambia and in return hand over Vinod’s prospective license to Vikram.

“I will only come back to you if you give your mining license to Vikram,” Anusha told her husband in the telephone conversation.

According to the murder plan, Nganga was supposed to pose himself as an investor and convince Vinod that he would invest in his Mine in North-Western Province.

As the two are going to tour the site, Nganga would harm him and take pictures to be sent to Vikram for verification and facilitation of the final payment.

However, Nganga chose to work with Vinod in preference for Vikram whom he described as a stingy and stupid man.

Vinod with the help of a right hand man and Nganga decided to fake his death and make it look like he was dead to his sown enemies, Vikram and his wife Gurram.

Documented evidence suggests that Vikram’s men, working together with bribable Government officers were planning to alter Vinod’s mining license and put it in the name of Gurram so that there may be a swift takeover after the death of her husband.

After photos of Vinod’s “fake death” were circulated, Vinod’s wife started making arrangements to make a quick travel from India to Zambia to get the lion share of her husband labored property.
When investigators called Vinod’s wife to inform her about her husband’s disappearance, the woman sounded unconcerned and only demanded that the matter be reported to the police as she prepares the takeover.

After Nganga’s revelations, Vinod reported the matter to the police and the Flying Squad located at Central Police  Station moved in and picked up  Nganga, Edward, Shyam and Renard who have since been arrested and charged with written threats to murder while Vikram and his accomplices are on the run in India.

The cell-phones and vehicles belonging to Vikram Investment Limited that were used to trail Vinod everywhere he was going have since been confiscated  for being accessories to illegal activities.


Vikram’s vehicles being held at Lusaka Central Police

Meanwhile, the matter has now been left in the capable hands of the police who have sort to prosecute the case and offer Vinod protection from the assassins.