Degazzette Mumba Forest, Wesley Miyanda Plead With Pres. Lungu

Development Activist Miyanda has pleaded with President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to consider degazzetting
Mumba Forest for human settlement.

President Edgar Lungu

Mumba Forest is situated in North-Western part of Mumbwa District in Central
Province, thrusting out its borders from Chief Mumba’s Chiefdom in the Northern part up to Chief Kaindu in the Southern region.

Speaking when he toured the forest, Mr Miyanda said there is need for the President through the Land to degazzette for Agricultural activist.

“The people of Mumba Chiefdom in which three quarters of the forest is located, echoed by their colleagues in Chief Kaindu’s Chiefdom, are making a humble and earnest appeal to the Republican President, Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu,through the Minister of Lands,Hon Jean Kapata, to consider degazetting the forest in question for viable agricultural activities so that our citizens can contribute
positively to National Development and National food Security,” he said.

He said the Forest is one of the national preserves that were conserved for bionomical purposes.

“…Nonetheless,the promiscuous cutting down of trees by the local people who have taken charcoal burning as the main source of their livelihood is a big source of worry and if the trend goes unobstructed then the whole area will soon see its extinguishment,” he said.

And residents of Mumba and Kaindu Chiefdoms echoed Mr Miyanda’s sentiments.

Mr Edson Mukanda appealed to President Lungu to degazzette the forest, saying it is a good area for agricultural activities.

Mr Austin Hanyungwe said residents are grappling with little land for farming.
He said the Forest in question can be used for agricultural development and consequently contribute to the economic welfare of the country.