Stay In Your Lane, Haimbe Dares Bowman Lusambo

Stay in your lane, United Party for National Development(UPND) Lusaka Central Aspiring Candidate Mulambo Haimbe has schooled “overzealous” Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo who has gone on rampage whipping people found patronizing bars during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Haimbe in face mask after the Muvi TV program

According to Mr Haimbe, the Ministry of Health is in charge of the Covid-19 and Lusambo wants to “step into every cake and put his fingers in every pie”.

Mr Lusambo has taken the law in his own hands, whipping Lusaka residents found patronizing bars and night clubs.
In addition to that, the Minister in the company of police officers recently caused commotion when he mounted roadblocks in various dots of Lusaka, blocking buses carrying passagers, the move that has been widely condemned by the Zambian people.

Speaking when he appeared on Muvi TV assignment programme,

Mr Haimbe said Mr Lusambo should understand article 117 which requires provincial ministers to use their brains and explain government policy to the people instead of encouraging human right abuse.

He said though Mr Lusambo may have good intentions, his energy is totally misplaced and coined with political aspiration at the expense of Zambians that have not been spared by the pandemic.

He recalled that during the Kaunda era, there where people who took the law into their hands and formed vigilantees that were lifting people “by air” but warned Mr Lusambo not to use acake and pre-historic methods to deal with the issue of Covid-19.

“The law is very clear that the Honourable Minister responsible is the Health Minister but this particular individual(Lusambo) wants to jump the gun…what is he trying to achieve? It is going to raise questions to citizens such as myself that is this a political gymic. The Constitution requires a Provincial Minister to play a role at policy level and this is where he is getting it wrong because he wants to step into every cake and he wants to put his finger in every pie. In a democracy, there are functional systems where there are people that are given specific jobs,” he said, ” Stay back! Stay in your lane! You be doing the country more good than being draconian in your activities.

And Mr Haimbe says poverty is frustrating measures that have been put in place to combat the pandemic that was first reported in China and spreading like bush fire.

He gave an example of water blue hit Bauleni Compound, where women queue up for water every day thus violating the social distance measure.

One Response to "Stay In Your Lane, Haimbe Dares Bowman Lusambo"

  1. Ewa   April 23, 2020 at 12:49 pm

    I do not see anything wrong here. Lusambo is just doing his job to ensure people comply. Look at the population of Lusaka, COVID – 19 can spread like wild fire.

    Here in Namibia, the president himself had to make abrupt visits to certain locations to ensure people are abiding. WHO IS PLAYING POLITICS HERE? Desperation to be MP.