Smokers Prone To Coronavirus Infection- Prof Goma

By Doreen Chembe

Smokers are at greater risk of contracting  Coronavirus, Professor  Fostone Mathews Goma has warned.

Prof. Goma

Professor Fastone Goma who is Centre for Primary Care Research executive director  noted with Concern that Tobacco Consumption is known to cause close to 7,342 deaths per year in Zambia.

Speaking to Journalists in Lusaka,Professor Goma disclosed that there is  proof that Tobacco users are more prone to severe Corona Virus infections.

He said smoking tobacco is known to damage the Lungs and airways, causing a range of severe respiratory problems.

He said there is need to strengthen the smoking ban in public places because most smokers get discouraged by the inhibitions that are put in the system hence encouraged to kick out the bad habit of Smoking.


Professor Goma warned Tobacco users to refrain from using it or risk getting infected with the deadly Corona Virus pandemic that has continued to decimate humanity.

He said now is the time to advocate for the enactment of the more comprehensive Tobacco and Nicotine Products Control Bill which reflects the dictates of the World health organisation Frame work Convention on Tobacco Control.

Professor Goma called on the Ministry of Health to accelerate efforts towards bringing the Bill to Parliament and has urged the Well-meaning Zambians to offer it due support.

Prof. Goma is a Medical Doctor with an MSc Cardiorespiratory Physiology from the University College London, his research focused on the myocardial protective mechanisms in coronary artery disease (CAD).His PhD in Cardiovascular Science from the University of Leeds focused on the electrophysiological mechanisms invoked during exercise stress in CAD. He also studied International Public Health at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), and Tobacco Dependency Treatment at University of Toronto.