Save Life Foundation Blesses Ng’ombe House Of Angels

By Doreen Chembe
Save Lives Foundation president Younus Essa has continued his act of love, this time  blessing  the House of Angels in Ng’ombe  Compound with donations.

Essa and his partners donated; 15 mattresses, 15 Bathing towels, 7 Pillows, 8 bags of mealie meal, rice, 40 face masks, 1 box 12x400mls hand sanitisers, sugar, bathing soaps, Bullet washing paste, Biscuits, salt, pens, among the many.
Speaking during the donation, Essa said he has always wanted to make every child feel loved regardless of their background.
Essa said it was an honour to witness and hear brilliant children who are studying medicine coming from the orphanage.
He said  was made possible because of the good heart of Pastor Sakala who took them in when no one thought of caring about them.
Essa said in the month of Ramadan, Muslims give to the vulnerable to quench the anger of God and they call it ‘septa’, he also pledged to donate 600 hundred books for the children.
Meanwhile, Mandevu Member of Parliament Jean Kapata has pledged to continue spearheading such good acts of charity that touch the hearts of the vulnerable.
Kapata said Save Lives Foundation has been a friend in need and that they are always their when they are called upon.
She also appreciated the founder of the orphanage who she described as God sent for the noble job of caring for the vulnerable children.
“It can only take a God fearing man to undertake a good undertaking which is making God to smile,” she stated.
Kapata  advised the two students who are studying medicine  not to forget were they came from but should always go back and give hope to the hopeless.
And Flying Angels Christian National Organisation Pastor Sakala who is also a Pastor of Life Assemblies of God Church said the orphanage offers health care, physical social support, education, shelter survival skills to the orphans and vulnerable children of that catchment area.
Pastor Sakala disclosed that they have 632 children and 15 are resident out of which 286 are boys and 346 are girls are all in secondary and primary schools.
He further revealed that the orphanage has partners with the Life Assemblies of God Church and other well wishes.