We Want Instance Justice For Murder Target Vinod Yaddula

The Zambian and Indian Community have shown solidality to a Zambian Investor Vinod Yaddula who survived a murder attempt by Panyam Vikram Deva Reddy.

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As a publication, we are also in solidality of Mr Yaddula who has contributed generously to the Zambian community, through social corporate responsibility.
As Kwacha, we stand with the oppressed and no amount of money will make us change our stance on how we look at issues.
In this case, we are on the side of Vinod whose only crime was resigning from that hostile company, Vikram Investment to concentrate on his mine Srisai Chaithrika Mining Ltd.

We are aware that since Vinod resigned from Vikram Investments Limited, numerous murder plots have been attempted on his life. His assailants are determined to get his hard earned mining license in North-Western, border with mineral rich Republic of Congo. Why are they determined to grab the prospective license duly given to Mr Yaddula by the Zambia Government is a long story for another day.
In addition to that, Mr Yaddula has succumbed to what may be perceived to be gross injustice arising from allegations cooked by Vikram, using corrupt cops some of whom have been disciplined and transfered from Lusaka to rural areas.

The Zambia Police Service through the office of the Inspector General of Police deserve kudos for the seriuosness they have shown in this case…they moved in and arrested four assassins namely Edward Morris from Kenya, Simon Nganga also from Kenya, Shyam Liseli, a Zambian national and Renald from Zambia.

Had it not been for the Lusaka Central Police, Fly Squad Unit, the said suspects could have been on the loose and we were going to be speaking a different story about Mr Vinod Yaddula, our all-whether friend.

We will not be doing any good if we don’t pat the back of the office of the Director of Public Prosecution(DPP) for the commitment and due deligence it has also shown in this case.

Big thanks goes also to the Zambian High Commission in India and the India High Commission in Zambia for their encouraging words and need for Mr Yaddula to report the matter to India so that Mr Vikram and his conspirator, Gurramkonda Anusha are prosecuted in that country where they are based.
However, as Kwacha Publications, we are worried at the snail pace investigations into the alleged murder plot of Mr Yaddula are moving. The case is taking a lame dark movement despite suspects being arrested and put on police bond.
Our worry is that the longer this case drags the more people’s lives are being put at maxmum risk.
Vinod is the target and his plotters who are now on the loose, on police bond, may rise again and make another attempt to finish him off.
Surely, looking at how evil Vikram may seemingly be, he can’t just sit back and watch things from India…there is certainly something he and his agents may be planning.

One other thing is that Vinod is not the only target in this scheme of things, there are also witnesses whose lives may be in danger hence the need to present the matter in court so that it reaches logical conclusions.
Our other worry is that the prolongment of this case to reach the court corridos, may lead to critical evidence being tampered with or it landing in wrong hands for possible manipulation.
Sources close to National Prosecution Authority(NPA) where the file is for further guidance, disclosed that police submitted the file without enclosing pictorial, phone call recordings and WhatApp conversations retrieved from the murder conspiracy suspects that includes Shyam Liseli(Zambian) Renald(Zambian(Edward Morris(Kenyan) and Simon Nganga(Kenyan).
According to the source, there is quite a number of recordings leading to written threat to murder and or compiracy to murder of Mr Yaddula that have been submitted to the Government authorities for thorough scrutiny and investigation.

We are not saying that the case is taking long because of the authorities’ liking, no, that is far from the truth, they are taking their time so that the state can build a strong case and the murder conspiracy has happened at a wrong time when coronavirus is at its peak.
However, we are of the view that the matter is taking long to be presented before court and it is a matter of life and death. As the law prescribes, ‘Justice delayed is Justice denied’.
The real plotter is on the loose in India and he can do anything to ambuish the victim who has for a long time been receiving numerous death threats from his attackers.

It is our prayer and hope that responsible institutions will rise above board and that justice will not only be done but be seen to be done in the murder conspiracy against Mr Yaddula.