Lets Create Industries, Employment-Peter Chanda


New Congress Party ( NCP) president Peter Chanda says Zambia cannot talk about meaninful development if there is no unity and political parties are working in Isolation.

“As political parties, we must put political differences aside ,come together and ensure that we promote productivity, peace, and unit. We do not need to go to China to import toothpicks,” Mr Chanda emphasised.

Appearing on UNZA Radio Program dubbed the Lusaka Star ,Mr Chanda said the United States is a big economy because it believes in its slogan dubbed “united we stand and divided we fall.”

“In unity ,we shall achieve a lot to move the country forward. Zambia has all what it takes to develop. My prayer is that we must come together and start creating industries to produce local products,” he explained

The opposition leader is saddened that the country always depend on Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) which creates employment for other countries, saying “We are in the comfort zone while other countries are moving forward.”

Mr Chanda revealed that the country has trees which are raw material used to produce toothpicks and matches, saying it is time to create business linkages with people who have the equipment and then begin to collaborate and create industries.

He said there is need for concerted efforts to start producing matches ,which has a high consumption rate in the country and can create employment for the locals people.

The NCP president appealed to the Investment Development Corporation (IDC) which is a major government share holder in public companies, to look at key investment sectors and begin to create industries and employment to develop the country.

The Youthful leader further commended President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for encouraging the locals to see and make use of the opportunity that comes with the Covid 19 crisis to make face masks and generate revenue.