11 Zambian Workers Quarantined In Company Camps

11 Zambian Workers Quarantined In Company Camps

The Ministry of Labour has closed down Chueng Zhu Company in Lusaka owned by Chinese nationals for holding hostage their 11 employees for two months in unpleasant conditions amidst the outbreak of Covid-19.

During the hostage, the workers were barred from visiting their families and even accessing other facilities outside the company premises on pretext that they would contract the coronavirus if allowed.

One of the workers has disclosed that they have been subjected to sleep in eight batches in a one roomed flat that has poor ventilation.

And another worker says during the stay they have been fed on eggs every day for their lunch and supper.

Assistance Labour Commissioner for Inspections Lupili Sichone says the closure of the company will be in effect for two weeks to allow the company put its house in order.

And Ms. Sichone has warned foreign companies to be mindful on how they treat their workers amidst the Covid-19 crisis.