Woman Sues Man, Demands K40,000 For Dating For 16 Years And Not Marrying Her

Woman Sues Man,  Demands K40,000 For  Dating For 16 Years And Not Marrying Her

A WOMAN of Livingstone is demanding K40,000 as compensation from her married lover, claiming that he wasted her time after promising to marry her. Leah Sakala, of B265 Libuyu Township, told the court that she has been in a relationship with Simwalanzi Nyangu for 16 years. The court heard that Nyangu, of C174 Linda Township, proposed love to Sakala in 2003 and promised to marry her after claiming that he was single.

“Eight months into the relationship, I discovered that Nyangu was actually married. We decided to continue with the affair. In 2006, I fell pregnant and delivered a baby boy on May 8, 2007,” she said. She said Nyangu has been providing accommodation for her throughout the duration of their relationship. “He rented an apartment for me at the Council Garage where I stayed for two years.

Then he moved us to Dambwa North. In 2011, my parents summoned him to discuss the issue of our relationship and he informed them that he [would] marry me,” Sakala said. She said when she approached him last year over the matter, Nyangu told her that he was still not ready to marry her. “He said I should just find someone else to marry me instead,” Sakala said. Sakala’s father, Boniface, of ME11 Maramba, told the court that Nyangu was called on four occasions to discuss the issue between the couple.

Boniface told the court that Nyangu promised that he would marry Sakala. He told the court that an agreement between the two families was signed but Boniface later tore the agreement. Sakala’s mother, Margaret , told the court that Nyangu was charged K3,000 for pregnancy and dowry because the two have stayed together for 16 years. She told the court that Nyangu had agreed on numerous occasions that he would marry Sakala. In his defence, Nyangu told the court that he never promised Sakala marriage.

“I am responsible for her pregnancy. I was charged K3,500 for pregnancy and not dowry. I can only pay K2,500,” Nyangu said. Passing judgment, senior local court magistrate Langson Matafwali upheld the claim but ordered Nyangu to pay Sakala K3,000 as compensation in monthly instalments of K500