Zambian Woman Sues For Divorce Because Hubby Demands Too Much Sex

A HOUSEWIFE of Aslot village in Chipata has sued her husband for divorce after six months in her marriage, claiming that her husband has turned her into a sex slave. Maria Banda, 24, told Chipata Local Court magistrate Emmanuel Mumba that her husband, Moses Mwanza, 27, demands for sex even when she is on menses. She told the court that they got married in November last year. “When I moved into his house, I was turned into a sex slave. He wants sex every day even when I am on my monthly period.

He is never satisfied. When I refuse to satisfy his abnormal sexual appetite, he beats me,” she told the court. She said Mwanza demands for sex even when she is doing house chores. “Sometimes he forces me to have sex with him. The other day I refused because I was on my monthly period. He then locked me in the house and forced himself on me until he was satisfied.

I am no longer interested in this marriage, it is torture,” Banda said. But Mwanza denied torturing Banda, saying that it is his conjugal right. “As a married man, I am not expected to be asking for sex from my wife, whom I share my bed with,” he said. Mwanza said his wife usually refuses to have sex with him claiming she is not well. “I once forced her to have sex with me because I did not marry her to be a robot in bed. She has not been properly trained by her elders on how to handle a man in bed. She is lazy in bed,” he said. Passing judgment, the court dissolved the marriage and ordered the couple to share property