Mass Screening of Covid-19 Encouraged


Mass Screening of Covid-19 Encouraged
(Lusaka, 18th May, 2020) – Texila American University Dean of Medicine has commended Zambia’s government effort through the Ministry of Health in its fight against Covid-19. Brigadier General Dr Lawson Simapuka however says in order for the fight against the pandemic to be more effective, the magnitude of the virus’ impact should be identified through mass testing and screening of citizens, and not only through sentinel testing and contact tracing. Dr Simapuka says contact tracing is appreciated, but the risk in it is not having a full view of the impact of the virus in the country. He says definition of the magnitude of the problem will give room for a holistic approach in properly addressing the pandemic. He has called for strengthening of diagnostic capacity and strong systems of contact tracing.
Dr Simapuka says that now that restrictions on businesses have been eased, people should take personal responsibility to ensure that they adhere to safety guidelines such as wearing face masks, maintaining social distance, hand washing and sanitizing, eating healthy and general hygiene practices. He has commended government on their release of pressure on the economic sector to help to revert to almost normal. He has however insisted on the need for citizens to avoid slacking in their personal responsibility to keep themselves and their families safe.
Dr Simapuka added that reusable 100% cotton masks can be used by all citizens, while surgical masks should be left to people with symptoms of Covid-19 and N95 masks to health workers.
Meanwhile, following the outbreak of the novel corona virus (COVID-19) in December 2019 in Wuhan, China – Texila American University has created a free online course on what people need to know about the virus; its background, and how to protect themselves and their communities. TAU Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr Vijayakumar Rajaranthinam says there is so much misinformation among members of the community on the virus and that’s why TAU decided to give back to the community by giving verified and certified information on Covid-19.

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